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  • Wright Medical Technologies Ortholoc 3Di Foot Reconstruction System: Lapidus Fusion Plates
    Jeffrey E. McAlister, DPM Christopher F. Hyer, DPM, MS, FACFAS   Wright Medical Technologies...
  • Wright Medical Technologies Ortholoc 3Di Foot Reconstruction System: First Metatarsalphalangeal Joint (MTPJ) Arthrodesis Plates
    Jeffrey E McAlister, DPM Christopher F Hyer, DPM, MS, FACFAS Medical Device Wright Medical...
  • Medical Device Review: Solana Surgical TenFUSE™ PIP
    It has recently become a staple (no pun intended) for medical device companies to...
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  • Wright Medical Product Reviews
    Two new foot and ankle medical device reviews have been posted under the Fixation...
  • New Wright Medical Plates
    SurgicalFixation has added a handful of new Wright Medical plates to the fixation database;...
  • New Medical Device Review
    In case you missed it, SurgicalFixation has released a new medical device review on...
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    Biomechanical Evaluation of Subtalar Fusion: The Influence of Screw Configuration and Placement

    Common surgical procedures for subtalar fusion include joint resection, autologous bone grafting, and osteosynthesis with screws in a parallel screw configuration. Although fusion is a routine procedure, the reported rates of nonunion have been high. The present study assessed different … Continued